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Why 3D Food And Drink?

Sell more food, build guest loyalty, and elevate your brand presence – all with one simple app.

3D Model Creation

Hyper-realistic 3D models are created using a 4-step process that provides optimized 3D models for integration into augmented, virtual or mixed reality experiences. Give your guests access to your menu in dazzling 360° and they will not forget.

Mobile Augmented Reality

Using a mobile device, guests can “place” stunning 3D visualizations of your dishes onto any table or flat surface. Provide game-changing AR technology resulting in more educated consumers, faster turnovers, and an increase in orders.

Smart Technologies

Allow customers to make informed food choices, avoid dietary, allergy, or religious restrictions, overcome language barriers while traveling, all while you gather useful analytics. Additional tech to gather additional data from an establishment’s environment.

Why Use 3D Interactive Experiences?

Put your dishes in the spotlight through an interactive experience that empowers users to make informed decisions.

Immersive 3D Augmented Reality 

By using their mobile device, guests can “place” stunning 3D visualizations of your dishes onto any table or flat surface, and zoom in for a completely immersive 360° view. Additional information about your menu items, such as ingredients and preparation steps, can easily be launched with just a few clicks, enabling guests to confirm if the food conforms to their nutrition, dietary, allergic, or cultural requirements. Real-time translations allows guests to view all of the information in the language of their choice, perfect for tourists and international diners.

Unlimited Brand Awareness

Create excitement by promoting special offers right in the AR menu. Build brand loyalty with gamification features that award loyalty points and increases guest familiarity with your menu. Social sharing functionality allows guests to share your AR experience and menu items with their network, further increasing your brand reach.

Powerful Functionality Analytics

Plan, develop, and execute finely targeted digital marketing campaign using deep, insightful customer analytics. Accurately track the popularity of each dish so you can better tailor your selections to your guest’s preferences. If changes are needed, quickly and easily update your menu with new or seasonal dishes or drop unpopular items without having to collect, redesign, and reprint previous versions of your print menu.

Engaging Delivery & Room Service Menus

With the click of a button on their mobile device, your guests will have easy access to your room service menu in dazzling 360° augmented reality. AR menus put your brand in the spotlight while you educate, engage, and entertain your guests with detailed information about your room service selections, answering virtually every question and reducing the number of calls to the front desk. Guests will take the time to explore every option, creating opportunities for additional orders.

What Are You Waiting For? The Future Is Here!

Provide your guests with experiences they have never seen before.