Experience for yourself how 3D Food And Drink Solutions can help enhance your restaurant, catering, hotel, or hospitality business.



Upcoming Media served up some impressive augmented reality (AR) experiences at two high profile conferences in Toronto this past month: the Restaurants Canada Show and the DX3 Trade Show.

In partnership with MetaVRse, North America’s leading VR + AR consulting and product development company, and the Toronto chapter of the VRARA, the world’s leading association of AR/VR professionals, Upcoming Media presented their 3D Food and Drink app, which delivers full-colour, hyper-realistic 3D models of a menu’s food selections.

The 2019 Restaurants Canada Show takes place in Toronto at the Enercare Centre from February 24 – 26. For over 70 years, hospitality professionals from all over the world have come together to shop, taste, learn, connect, and grow their business at the event, which is owned and operated by Restaurants Canada. Over 18,000 attendees are expected to come and try out the latest in cutting-edge hospitality products and technology!