Experience for yourself how 3D Food And Drink Solutions can help enhance your restaurant, catering, hotel, or hospitality business.



Let Us Help You Pick The Platform That Fits Your Needs

Bring your hospitality brand to life with 3D Food And Drink Solutions that you can push to millions of smart-device users around the world.

Custom Web AR & Mobile AR Experiences

3D Food And Drink AR Experiences are to live real-world environments as viewed through your own custom mobile app or web-based AR viewer.

Snapchat Lens AR Experiences

Snapchat Lenses are a collection of augmented reality (AR) 3D enhancements to live real-world environments as viewed through the Snapchat mobile app.

Facebook Spark AR Experiences

Spark AR is an augmented reality camera platform that allows users to interact with AR effects on iOS and Android mobile cameras through their Facebook app.

Instagram Spark AR Experiences

Use Spark AR on Instagram as a brand enhancing application that provides modern 3D marketing solutions for hospitality businesses, events, food trucks and much more!

Hyper-Realistic High Quality 3D Model Rendering

We develop incredible augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences using tantalizing, lifelike 3D models of your food and drink items, created with advanced processing technology.

3D Food For Campaigns On Snapchat and Facebook

Take your menu to the world with realistic 3D food menus that can be liked, engaged with, and shared through customized marketing campaigns.

Interactive 3D Drink Coasters With Up-selling Capabilities

Showcase your brand, company history, and product information with innovative coasters that help you overcome sales barriers and build customer confidence while they order.

Culinary Experiences For Education in Hospitality

Quickly and efficiently train the next generation of culinary and hospitality experts with augmented reality training experiences that make teaching and learning a snap, all from a single app.

Menu Presentations for Private Catering Events

Present your catering and event planning menu ideas through stunning 3D images that give potential clients realistic, to-scale dish combinations that create the perfect event.

Order Reinforcement For Hospitality Delivery Services

Whether in their home, office, or hotel room, customers can experience food items to scale on their own table, build their own meal, and order for delivery with confidence.

Translations For Tourists To Know What They Are Ordering

Create an unforgettable experience for tourists and foreign-language diners by providing multiple language options on your digital menu, with full 3D interaction in the language of their choice.

Direct Links To Dishes You Can Purchase

Enable easy, secure take-out and pickup orders through existing technologies with an eye-catching online experience designed to directly link customers to new items.

Targeted Food And Drink Pairing System

Our pairing system suggests complementary pairings helping to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid frustrating guesswork. Each pairing leading to a potential upsell opportunity and new levels of brand engagement.